15-Year-Old Artist Jasti on the New NFT Generation


15-Year-Old Artist Jasti on the New NFT Generation

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 17

July 28, 2021

Having only started dabbling in art at the beginning of 2020, Jasti is now one of the most prolific young artists in the NFT scene. With a style all his own, the community has marveled as the 15-year-old has grown in leaps and bounds during his crypto art career.

Towards the beginning of the early 2021 NFT bull run, Jasti found himself deeply interested in NFTs and decided to take the plunge and apply to SuperRare. He was surprised to be accepted, then immediately set out to mint some work on the platform.

“I minted my first piece, ‘Forever Colored’ on February 16, or 18th. And then about four to eight days later I was getting a few bids,” says Jasti. “I was like ‘dang already?’ because I didn’t promote it. I hadn’t promoted it at all and I had like under 100 followers on Twitter.”

After his first sale, a whopping 20.0 ETH to the infamous collector/investor Beanie, Jasti was met with supporters, including FEWOCiOUS, as well as nay-sayers who were confused on how a 15-year-old’s genesis piece could fetch such a high price right off the bat. The momentum only picked up from there.

Before changing his handle and acquiring a new profile on SuperRare, Jasti was closing auctions at prices that most teenagers could never imagine.

“I sold four pieces before my ‘To The Moon’ piece. And they were all in one day. Each 20 ETH, it was pretty crazy, I was freaking out,” says Jasti. “My parents didn’t believe it until like, we got a bit of it out into actual Fiat and they were like, ‘dang, this is actually a thing.’”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Jasti talks about how he got into art, how it feels to achieve NFT success at such a young age, making six figures in his first few months of minting NFTs and more.

With his art having generated just under $400,000 in sales to date (according to CryptoArt.io), Jasti has set himself up to be a frontrunner of the next generation of crypto artists. Along with his now-friend FEWOCiOUS, there’s been an influx of incredibly talented teens and even kids becoming increasingly interested in the NFT space.

The overnight success stories we’ve witnessed throughout crypto and NFTs call into question whether or not crypto art could become a viable career pathway for young creatives. That is to say, whether or not the parents of the next generation will see the merit in the digital artist lifestyle.

“I’ve gotten way more immersed in art. I’ve been experimenting a lot with paint and other things. With physical arts and with like, VR – with everything,” says Jasti on how his future plans have changed since becoming involved in NFTs. “Before (NFTs) I didn’t even know what I was gonna do. I was just doing art as a hobby on the side. And then I just kind of found it. I was like, ‘dang…okay.’”

With sales picking up, it’s hard not to feel as though something big is on the horizon. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jasti during the next NFT boom.
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