Kenny Schachter: “Royalties are F*cking Stupid”


Kenny Schachter: “Royalties are F*cking Stupid”

NFT Now Podcast Season: 2 Episode: 15

July 05, 2023

Kenny Schachter is an artist, curator, and University of Zurich professor who has been curating contemporary art exhibits for nearly 30 years. He writes a regular column for Artnet and has an upcoming project called “Open Book,” an ever-evolving digital book on Polygon, powered by Async Art. In addition, he’s written for various international publications, including New York Magazine and The Times Magazine. A prominent Web3 figure, Schachter’s other projects include Pop Principle — an NFT-powered blockchain game created in collaboration with Daata that pits traditional art fans against digital art enthusiasts — and CryptoMutts, a satirical 10,000-strong collection of randomly generated NFTs on Ethereum.

In this episode, we cover Schachter’s strong opinions on creator royalties, what’s broken about the traditional art world, the biggest misconceptions the art world has about NFTs, and more.


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