Latashá on What It Means to Be a Music Artist in Web3


Latashá on What It Means to Be a Music Artist in Web3

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 45

February 09, 2022

Latashá is an entrepreneur and seasoned musician who has become one of the most prominent artists in the music NFT landscape.

As an independent creative and head of community programming at Zora, Latashá is not only helping define what it means to be a music artist in web3, but also pioneering new ways that emerging artists can retain ownership of their intellectual property.

Recently, Latashá sold the music video for her track “GOGO WYNE” as NFT for over 13 ETH ($50,000). As a music artist, she continues to defy the narrative of NFTs needing to provide value to their owners and hopes to empower other musicians to do the same.

“Music activates people. To me, it doesn’t always need a utility, it’s enough to just stand on its own,” Latashá tells nft now. “But because we live in this, you know, world where people don’t see the worth of music, artists do have a choice to give it utility. I’m not against it. But I always want people to remember that music has so much more value.”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Latashá discusses her role in leading community programming at Zora, the possibility of NFTs becoming a standard revenue stream for musicians, and more.

Apart from minting and selling her own music, Latashá spends the good majority of her time cultivating web3 communities through Zora and the HERSTORYDAO. As a prominent name in the NFT space, she says she’s focused on creating equity and establishing the collective ethos of the NFT space.

“We’re dealing with the floodgates opening for NFTs at this moment. The question for me often is, ‘am I ready for that?'” Latashá tells nft now. “Because as soon as we start to open this whole gate up, that’s when the problems start to show up… Everybody has to have a different background and story to really be seen as a community.”

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