Literary NFTs: Pushing the Boundaries of Poetry


Literary NFTs: Pushing the Boundaries of Poetry

Live From the Gateway Season: 1.5 Episode: 7

February 15, 2023

For those just skimming the surface of Web3, it may seem like NFTs are mainly images — of everything from Bored Apes to colorful Chromie Squiggles. But NFTs come in many forms, including literary NFTs, which constitute one of the space’s most exciting emerging use cases. Literary NFTs promise to be transformative for the careers of writers and the publishing industry. 

Two of the visionary women at the forefront of the poetry NFT movement are Ana María Caballero and Sasha Stiles, Co-Founders of the VERSEverse, a poetry NFT gallery. Caballero is a Columbian-American poet and artist whose work explores the voice of the home and the layered exchanges of our everyday lives. Stiles is a lifelong poet and creative writer who has been penning poetry since she was six. Most of her work focuses on our relationship with technology and how advancing and speculative technologies are changing what it means to be human. 

The two creatives joined nft now’s CEO Matt Medved during a panel at The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis. Here, they discussed how Web3 tech could help change how the world views writers and poets, allowing them to sustain themselves financially through their work in ways previously thought to be impossible.

In this episode of the nft now podcast, we cover how the blockchain is changing how poetry can be experienced, Stiles and Caballero’s work onboarding poets to Web3 at theVERSEverse, how NFTs empower poets both creatively and economically, and much more.


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