Memeland’s Ray Chan: Why Asia Will Drive the Next Bull Run


Memeland’s Ray Chan: Why Asia Will Drive the Next Bull Run

Live From Gateway Korea Season: 2.5 Episode: 2

October 04, 2023

9GAG CEO and Memeland founder Ray Chan joined us for an exclusive fireside chat at The Gateway Korea centered on Asia’s pivotal role in the Web3 revolution.

Moderated by ARC Community’s director, Gabriel Yang, the conversation explored topics like inherent inclusivity, transcending borders, and gender bias. Chan also discusses Asia’s leadership role in the crypto space and other categories, such as luxury goods and technology. 

Ray Chan (9GAGCEO) is a businessman best known as the CEO and Co-Founder of the Hong Kong-based meme-centric entertainment website 9GAG. Since launching in 2008, the brand has accrued over 200 million followers across various social media platforms. In April 2022, 9GAG announced Memeland, its Web3 venture studio, and subsequently launched Its inaugural NFT project, The Potatoz, and secondary collection, The Captainz.

In this talk, we cover why Asia will drive the next bull market, why other NFT projects aren’t the “competition,” the pros and cons of remote work, and much more.


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