NFTs Breaking Into Contemporary Art With Ronnie Pirovino


NFTs Breaking Into Contemporary Art With Ronnie Pirovino

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 25

September 22, 2021

Art collector, curator and appraiser Ronnie K. Pirovino brings a fresh perspective to NFTs. Having worn numerous different hats throughout his professional career, as a hobbyist turned expert, he truly understands the contemporary sentiment of building a collection from the ground up.

As the owner of one of the largest KAWS collections in existence, Pirovino has displayed and sold pieces from his vast assortment of art at Christie’s, ComplexCon, and beyond. Yet art was a lesser part of Pirovino’s life till, in 2015, he left his career in advertising and decided to jump into art full-time.

Having set himself up for success years before NFTs began to take off, Pirovino was in the perfect position to capitalize when the market started booming in 2020.

“When NFT’s really emerged last year, it was at the most opportune time because I was I had been sitting there thinking ‘where is art going,” says Pirovino. “During the pandemic (I thought), ‘where is all this gonna lead us? What kind of work is going to be produced by artists during this time?'”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Ronnie K. Pirovino discusses how he got into NFTs, being a long-time proponent of KAWS, the future of crypto-art, and more.

Pirovino is a rare breed of collector who has seamlessly accepted NFTs as the next big thing in the art industry. While the general sentiment of the traditional art world is mixed when it comes to NFTs, Pirovino says he sees crypto art as revolutionary.

“It really has given me a new life, a new direction and a new purpose. Because art, to me, is ultimately creative expression,” says Pirovino. “It doesn’t matter what medium or materials. The concept, the ideas, the images, the expression, the feeling: that’s what matters.”

A long-time advocate for artists and artistic freedom, Pirovino sees the ways in which the NFT space is restructuring the creative economy. He believes that NFTs offer a more direct way for artists to connect with their audience than ever before.

“We are in a new time, and I embrace this new process and these new channels of communication. Because it’s ultimately building relationships. It’s building communities,” says Pirovino.

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