Demystifying DAOs with pplpleasr


Demystifying DAOs with pplpleasr

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 18

August 04, 2021

pplpleasr has one of the most relatable stories in crypto. Having started her grind straight out of college working as a 3D artist for numerous visual effects studios, her entire life changed after she became a part of the crypto & DeFi community.

Known as DeFi’s “high quality meme generator,” pplpleasr found herself jobless towards the beginning of the pandemic. With a wealth of experience working in animation, it wasn’t until a friend reached out to her with an opportunity to do some video work for a DeFi platform that her involvement in crypto snowballed.

“I did another one (video) with Pickle Finance and then that one graced Crypto Twitter and then everybody was just like, ‘whoa, what is this? Who made this video,” says pplpleasr. “And I had created a Twitter account actually, just for this reason. So then one by one, my name got circulated in the DeFi space. And a bunch of other protocols would reach out and be like, ‘can you make a video for us?’”

Before long, pplpleasr was well known throughout the crypto and DeFi community, with her NFT fame soon to follow.

On this episode of the nft now podcast, pplpleasr discusses the intersection of NFTs and DeFi and how collector DAOs like PleasrDAO are changing the game.

After making a name for herself in crypto and DeFi, pplpleasr saw NFTs begin to boom at the beginning of 2021 and took it as her opportunity to branch out as a creative. Having recently completed an ad commission for Uniswap, she asked for permission to personally mint the video, receiving the platform’s full support and backing.

With proceeds of the NFT sale to be donated towards Stand With Asians, the auction for pplpleasr’s “x*y=k” took off. And upon seeing the success of the ongoing auction, her superfans decided to band together in an effort to place the winning bid – forming PleasrDAO on the spot.

To date, pplpleasr’s pieces have amassed nearly $1.2 million in sales (according to – yet she currently splits her time between both creating and collecting art as the “spiritual godmother” of PleasrDAO. As new Digital Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) continue to pop up seemingly every week, each with a specific purpose or goal, pplpleasr says PleasrDAO is mainly “interested in collecting pieces of internet culture or pieces that have historical significance.”
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