Reese Witherspoon on Onboarding Women to Web3


Reese Witherspoon on Onboarding Women to Web3

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 46

February 16, 2022

For years, Reese Witherspoon has lived on the silver screen as one of Hollywood’s leading talents. Having played a major role in the creation of numerous influential characters, shows, and movies, the Oscar-award-winning actress has continued to foster creativity and support female creatives in every aspect of her career.

And when it comes to amplifying female creators, her latest endeavor into crypto and NFTs is no exception. For nearly a year now, Witherspoon has embarked on a journey as an ambassador of the blockchain — spearheading efforts to empower women at every turn.

“As I got more educated about NFTs I realized there’s just so much opportunity for women to own their own work,” Witherspoon tells nft now. “I think it’s really important as new worlds are being built that we bring consciousness to female creators and female entrepreneurs that is an opportunity to own your work in perpetuity.”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Witherspoon discusses her entry into the NFT ecosystem and how she hopes to establish equitable gender representation in NFTs and web3.

Although Witherspoon has been involved in the NFT space for less than a year, she seems to have become a full believer in the potential of NFT and blockchain technology to help reshape the creative economy through digital ownership.

Having gotten her start in Hollywood when she was 14, Witherspoon says that after 30 years in show business she realized that the highest goal an artist can achieve, regardless of the medium/field, is owning their own work.

“Whether that’s in the music industry, the film, industry, television, all of our work was always owned by studios, publishing record labels, etc,” Witherspoon tells nft now. “This [NFTs] has been a brand new frontier that I just want to educate people around… It’s creating real space for artists to build communities that are incredibly robust and viable.”

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