Roger Dickerman on How Artifex is Bringing Digital Art to the Masses


Roger Dickerman on How Artifex is Bringing Digital Art to the Masses

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 10 Length: 34:10

June 09, 2021

Roger Dickerman seems to have lived numerous different lives. Now one of the biggest proponents of the NFT space, he had been involved in finance, business development, health and wellness, community building and more before settling where he is now in the world of crypto art.

When Dickerman first started in NFTs, it seems he immediately had an idea of what he wanted to do in the space. With his brainchild project Artifex becoming a household name in the NFT space, regardless of how the marketplace shifts, the mission for the platform to be a  “historical time capsule of the digital art NFT space” remains true.

On speaking about the trajectory of the Artifex project, Dickerman says, “the goal is to tackle digital art from all aspects.” And having appreciated art from a young age, NFTs will always be about the art for him first and foremost.

“You know, let’s look at it from the perspective of the 3D artists, look at it from the perspective of the future, the younger artists. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the pioneers,” says Dickerman. “Let’s look at the diversity of personality that has been brave enough to trailblaze in the NFT space.”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Roger Dickerman talks about the future of Artifex, executing IRL NFT installments from Times Square to Miami, the changing NFT marketplace and more.

Dickerman has charted his NFT path by combining various unique skills and passions from his past – and it shows within his work on the Artifex project. Creating unique 3D sculptures from a wide variety of artists and revolutionizing the way in which these natively digital works can be displayed, Artifex has continued to bridge the gap between URL and IRL.

As a respected creator and collector in the space, Dickerman says the diversity of consumers in the NFT space strikes him as an important factor to consider when differentiating between substance and hype in the NFT market,

“There are people here solely for artistic appreciation, there are people here solely for very cold investment decisions and trading – and then there are people in between,” says Dickerman. “I think it’s necessary to see all of this together, see how it interacts, and then go forth.”

Dickerman, along with many top-tier NFT collectors, is a believer in OG crypto-artists and the recognition they will inevitably enjoy as pioneers in the space. He says artists like XCOPY, Hackatao and Alotta Money will retain relevance for years to come.

“These trailblazers within this NFT space that brought forth a cohesive style and a storytelling and have walked that forward to present day with consistency along the way. That’s always going to matter,” says Dickerman.
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