Sarah Zucker on Being a Crypto Art OG and Helping the NFT Community Prosper


Sarah Zucker on Being a Crypto Art OG and Helping the NFT Community Prosper

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 5

May 05, 2021

When we read back on the early days of NFT history, the OG’s and trailblazers will be remembered as paving the way for crypto art to catch fire as a global phenomenon. And Sarah Zucker will undoubtedly be featured in the first chapter.

Having started her NFT journey long before the market began to boom, Zucker flourished in the world of GIF art, accumulating over 6.7 billion views on GIPHY. As she joined the early adopters of crypto art, she ran in the same circles of Coldie and Robness, sharing the sentiment that they were part of an incredible new movement at the crossroads of art and technology.

With her first few mints dating back to early 2019 – Zucker is considered by many (in her own very accurate words) “one of the wizened elders of this (NFT) space.” And although she’s worked across numerous mediums, her most distinctive style lies within mixing digital and analog video techniques, making for some of the most unique NFTs out there.

Combining trippy, saturated rainbow visuals and archaic video effects and artifacts, Zucker creates a world that sometimes feels like a digital personification of psychedelic experiences. inhabiting a near liminal space between elaition and dismay, her art inspires and is inspired by a diverse range of emotions. To date, her pieces have generated just shy of $1M in sales (according to

On the nft now podcast’s fifth episode, Zucker discusses the state of NFT technology, her journey as an artist, pricing crypto art, the pitfalls of being a newcomer NFT artist and more.

 As she continues her endeavors to actively uplift the NFT community, Zucker has been identifying ways in which the space and those in it can prosper. From social media and marketplace incorporation to identifying intentions of peers and collectors, one thing she’s adamant about is originality.

“Seeing what other people are doing is a great way to educate yourself,” says Zucker. “But at the end of the day, in this space, you have to forge your own path. And if that is too frightening or too anxious making a proposition for you, then maybe this is not a space that is ideal for your temperament.”

Zucker has had a great year of sales thus far and has reached a position where she can truly be decisive about the direction and intention of her art in the NFT space.

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