How Former TradFi Trader Drove Millions Through Memes


How Former TradFi Trader Drove Millions Through Memes

NFT Now Podcast Season: 2 Episode: 4

April 12, 2023

Sergio Silva, known in the NFT space as Sergito, is a prominent investor, collector, and thought leader who leveraged his background in traditional finance working at Goldman Sachs and Barclays into a thriving Web3 career. Hailed by the NFT community as a maximalist of Meebits NFTs and a curator of memes, Sergito currently acts as the Senior Director of Business Development at Fireblocks. As a founding member of the NeonDAO — a for-profit investment fund focused on building and promoting the open metaverse — Sergito has remained a staunch believer in the potential of blockchain tech to bring about the fabled next iteration of the internet. Notably, Sergito is also the founder of Seize The Meebs, an edition-based art and meme project that focuses on digital asset ownership and NFTs as value-delivery platforms, which has reached near viral popularity in 2023.

In this episode of the nft now podcast, we dive into how Sergito went from traditional finance to Web3 and NFTs, what changed him from an NFT skeptic into a leading trader, why he’s so bullish on Meebits, and much more.


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