Staying Sane, Safe, and Successful in a Bear Market


Staying Sane, Safe, and Successful in a Bear Market

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 71

August 17, 2022

Much has changed since the nft now founding team last held a fireside chat back in December 2021 on the state of NFTs. Eight months into 2022, we’ve seen seismic changes in the NFT ecosystem as initial growth, promise, and schisms in the space contend with the reality of the bear market.

However, despite this new reality, there’s plenty to be hopeful about. As the NFT ecosystem continues to persevere, nft now’s founders have taken a step back to review some of their favorite rising artists in the space, discuss common and stubborn vulnerabilities for budding projects, and imagine a brighter future as Web3 continues to unfold, stretching to unprecedented horizons.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast, Matt Medved, Alejandro Navia, and Sam Hysell speak on the hidden blessings brought on by the bear market, keeping mental health in check, explore sectors in the NFT space where progress seems imminent, and more.


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