Taproot Wizards’ Udi on “Making Bitcoin Magical Again”


Taproot Wizards’ Udi on “Making Bitcoin Magical Again”

NFT Now Podcast Season: 2 Episode: 6

April 26, 2023

Long a mainstay in the Bitcoin community, Udi Wertheimer recently embraced the world of NFTs via Bitcoin Ordinals with Taproot Wizards. On February 1, 2023, Wertheimer announced the Taproot Wizards project to the world by orchestrating the largest block and transaction in Bitcoin’s history. Ultimately, the project achieved the absolute maximum block size of 4MB — something many previously thought impossible. While this move was considered controversial to some, it fulfilled Wertheimer’s larger goal of raising Bitcoin awareness and renewing interest in the chain. The Taproot Wizards’ tagline is “Make Bitcoin Magical Again,” and that’s precisely what Wertheimer plans to do. 

In this episode of the nft now podcast, we cover how Ordinals quickly gained traction in 2023, the “cult” of Taproot Wizards, Wertheimer’s thoughts on Bitcoin Maxis, the future of the Taproot Wizards community, and more.


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