The State of NFTs Panel IRL: Web3 and Beyond


The State of NFTs Panel IRL: Web3 and Beyond

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 69

August 03, 2022

At the State of NFTs IRL event, held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we sat down with three of the most prominent U.S. figures in the greater NFT landscape to discuss the unstable present, with an eye toward the promising future of NFTs. Joining us is Nifty Gateway Co-Founder Duncan Cock Foster, Mec; a Web3 educator, MECXDAO founder and Aokiverse’s head of community, and the crypto and tattoo artist Gossamer Rozen, who’s also the founder of Tigerbob NFT. Together, the three brought vital questions to the current bear market, and what it holds for the future of NFTs — giving attendees a sneak peek into their future plans in Web3 and beyond.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast we cover Foster’s vision for refocusing the NFT space on artists, Rozen’s future plans for Tigerbob NFT, why the NFT space should transition away from speculative markets, the increasing regulation found in the NFT industry, how the bear market is stripping the NFT space back to its bare essentials, and much more.


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