Zeneca’s Secrets to Content and Community Building


Zeneca’s Secrets to Content and Community Building

NFT Now Podcast Season: 2 Episode: 22

August 23, 2023

Zeneca is a creator, collector, and community leader who, prior to entering the NFT space, was a seasoned crypto trader and poker player. After becoming discouraged during the crypto bear market of 2018, Zeneca took a few years away from the blockchain, only to return during the early NFT boom as a thought leader and educator. 

One of Zeneca’s most significant contributions to the NFT space is ZenAcademy, a Discord-turned-YouTube channel centered around shared learning. He also created The 333 Club which grants owners access to an exclusive Discord where Zeneca offers advice to upcoming NFT creators. He recently launched a new PFP project, “The Denizens of ZenAcademy.”

In this episode, we cover his tips for content creators and community builders, the role PFPs will play in the market, and why web3 education is so important.


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