WTF is the Metaverse?


WTF is the Metaverse?

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 48

March 02, 2022

Facebook recently brought the concept of a Metaverse back into the spotlight when the company changed its name to “Meta,” and promised a new world for users. This world would act as a sort of virtual extension of our own — filled with unique 3D art, buildings, shopping, entertainment, and more.

Ultimately, this world would have few rules and features that are only limited by our imaginations. And Facebook isn’t alone. Epic Games, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Niantic, and others are all working to build the Metaverse.

But what exactly is the Metaverse? Seriously, can someone explain WTF it really is?

The next iteration of the internet

Mark Zuckerberg believes that, by this time in 2030, we could be working, vacationing, and socializing all in the metaverse. Some of us already are. Samsung recently held an event on Decentraland, a crypto-focused virtual world; Sotheby’s unveiled a new NFT platform — Sotheby’s Metaverse — last October; and Fortnite has hosted numerous metaverse concerts.

There’s still a long way to go before the next iteration of the internet is ready, but it’s important to be prepared.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast, we were joined by NFT superstar artist Chad Knight and Wilder World co-founder Phoenix Wilder. They took the time to discuss everything from how the metaverse might impact our mental health to when it could become a part of our day-to-day lives. Plus, you’ll learn more about Knight’s journey to create Wilder World.

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