Steve Aoki on Music NFTs and Taking the Metaverse IRL


Steve Aoki on Music NFTs and Taking the Metaverse IRL

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 53

April 06, 2022

As one of the highest-grossing DJ/producers in the world, Steve Aoki has never shied away from pursuing all of his various interests concurrently. In addition to collaborating across genre lines, Aoki co-owns an eSports company, he’s been featured in video games as a playable character, he’s voiced cartoon characters, and he even runs a foundation that raises money for neurological research and other humanitarian relief organizations.

In an effort to tie all of his passions together with his burgeoning interest in crypto and NFTs, he launched his AOK1VERSE project – which he describes as “Web3, meets Web 2.0 meets IRL.” Citizens of the A0K1VERSE gain unrivaled access to both on-chain and physical experiences including tour tickets, digital collectibles, virtual metaverse performances, and much more.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast, we spoke with Aoki about this vision and roadmap for A0K1VERSE, how Web3 and NFTs will revolutionize the music industry, and much more.


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